The approach “learning every day” is challenging but attractive. The ability to test things on your home-lab is excellent, especially if you’re lucky and own a server. Otherwise, it would help if you rent somewhere in the cloud, which is not a bad idea, but in comparison price-wise, maybe it’s cheaper to get a used one. Personally own HP Proliant G8 ML350p, it’s a tower version, not rack-mount, and I can think many things in it. Recently I have bought WD Gold 10TB hard disk and installed it on my server. Now I can use it for file sharing across…

Tomas Savenas

Kibernetinio saugumo entuziastas; Aktyviausias Lietuvis TryHackMe platformoje; Inovacijų valdymo ir Antreprenerystės Magistrantas @ KTU

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