Check Multiple RDP Hosts with Hydra

in this period then coronavirus is a going wild. Schools and universities are being shut down. Although people need to do their job. Me as an administrator I have to make sure they have proper remote access to a workstation. In fact, there is a lot of work because there are multiple workers.
Today I have learned how to setup RDP for non-administrators in GPO and check multiple hots quickly with THC Hydra.


On a domain controller use key combination of Windows+R and type


Navigate to User Right Assignment and on the right side add Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services users [1].

Then add the same users to the Remote Desktop User group on every host. I used the cmd command below:

net localgroup "Remote Desktop Users" "Domain\testuser" /add


Download the Kali Linux machine [2] which has preinstalled hydra with RDP support.
I made a file targets.txt with the hosts and ports (separated with the column) in there. My user and password. The last argument is the RDP protocol.

hydra -l testuser -p password -M targets.txt rdp

after a few seconds I got a message:

19 of 19 targets successfully completed, 19 valid passwords found

After this, I don’t need to check every host to verify that it’s working.



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