Hortonworks Sandbox HDP 3.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 using Docker

sudo docker ps #If there is no docker package please install [1]
sudo apt install unzip -y
wget https://archive.cloudera.com/hwx-sandbox/hdp/hdp-3.0.1/HDP_3.0.1_docker-deploy-scripts_18120587fc7fb.zip# Unzip
unzip HDP_3.0.1_docker-deploy-scripts_18120587fc7fb.zip
screen -dmS hdp bash -c 'sudo bash docker-deploy-hdp30.sh'
screen -r
sudo bash docker-deploy-hdp30.sh
hdp: unexpected operator
wget https://archive.cloudera.com/hwx-sandbox/hdp/hdp-3.0.1/HDP_3.0.1_virtualbox_181205.ova
#1 https://medium.com/@tomas_savenas/apt-get-install-docker-on-linux-server-614863a24d6a
#2 https://archive.cloudera.com/hwx-sandbox/hdp/hdp-3.0.1/HDP_3.0.1_docker-deploy-scripts_18120587fc7fb.zip
#3 https://www.cloudera.com/tutorials/sandbox-deployment-and-install-guide/3.html



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Tomas Savenas

Tomas Savenas

Kibernetinio saugumo entuziastas; Aktyviausias Lietuvis TryHackMe platformoje; Inovacijų valdymo ir Antreprenerystės Magistrantas @ KTU