Canonical announced the general availability of the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Long Term Support) on April 23, 2020. It has code name Focal Fossa, and you can download it from a source [1]. I choose to install Server with GUI, a version using the latest versions of VirtualBox (6.1.6) and macOS (10.15.4).


My first impression, the installation process looks similar to Ubuntu 18.x [2], but it is much faster. After successful installation, a Virtualbox could not unmount “/cdrom” I had to unmount manually and pressed enter.


The boot time is much faster too, and Ubuntu server 20.04 looks the same as the previous version, nothing impressive to see at the console. I know the Desktop version has some new design improvements.


Despite my impression, I am too conservative for my “production” environment yet. I will be using 18.04.x until this fall. It’s a relatively new operating system. Most of the software hasn’t fully yet. Ubuntu 18.04 is LTE too, and I am sticking to it for my write-ups., 2020